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GBC CombBind Binding Spine 4000086

4 phases of mourning after a job rejection

So the job search often goes like this: you write and submit an application, wait for half an eternity for a response and then get a rejection – or worse – no answer at all! Then, go back, look for another promising opportunity. Rinse. Repeat. Sound familiar? Whether we like it or not, job rejections are an […]

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Yamaha CXS18XLF 800W 18 Passive Subwoofer

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Finding THAT Job

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ASCO MP-C-103272810-132-D MPC103272810132D (USED TESTED CLEANED)Graduation and entering the working world full-time for the first time is both an exciting and overwhelming time because it opens a whole world of possibilities! Make the most out of it all by heeding these smart career tips for recent college graduates.

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Linda Le Phan


Better Worklife

How to make friends at your brand new job

You got a new job – woohoo! A quick internet search or a quick chat with your new company’s HR person will help you learn a lot of the thing you might need to know in order to be successful… except how to make friends. USED Electro-Voice RE320 Variable‑D Dynamic Vocal & Instrument Microphone (669)It’s not about being popular either. Having friends at work is […]

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